PA Supply Company - History

Our Beginnings

Original Location

The year was 1914. WWI broke out across Europe, and Henry Ford was churning out model T's. It was this year that two tin-knockers from Shamokin, Pennsylvania, Charles and George Kuhns, decided to open their own business making and installing metal cornices and roofing. Business was good and, before long, they were looking for a bigger market and new opportunities. In 1921, they moved operations to a location on Church Street in Allentown (previously a horse-drawn taxicab company!) and incorporated under the name Pennsylvania Supply & Manufacturing.

In Allentown the Kuhns' found many contractors installing cornices and roofing, so they began to specialize in fabricating and supplying products rather than installing them. By the 1940's, two distinct businesses had emerged—the sheet metal shop and the supply warehouse. As both grew, a new warehouse on a railroad siding was added to receive shipments by rail car.

By the 1970's

Pennsylvania Supply had completely outgrown the Church Street location and railroad warehouse. Driving to work one day, outside salesman Woody Grube spotted a large building on Sumner Avenue for sale. The Kuhns' purchased the facility from Pittsburgh Plate Glass, and the supply warehouse moved into its current home at 12th & Sumner Avenue in Allentown, PA. Meanwhile the sheet metal shop found a new location in Wescosville, with lots of room for new machines and presses.

In the 1990ís

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In 1989, Pennsylvania Supply sold its sheet metal shop to a longtime customer in order to better focus on its growing supply business. This included the opening of a new location in Easton, Pennsylvania. By the 1990's, space was once again growing short due to new product additions. In 1997, Pa Supply broke ground on a new 10,000 square foot warehouse at the east end of the Sumner Avenue property.

A lot has changed since 1921, but one thing has stayed the same: our commitment to providing the professional contractor with quality products along with superior service. And with eighty or so years' experience, we've learned a few things about delivering!