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ICE B' GONE MAGIE - December 6th, 2017



16.99+tax/50lb BAG

14.75+tax/Pallet(49 bags)


ROCK SALT - December 6th, 2017






ladder mount - April 25th, 2013

Ladder Mount is the easy to use gutter docking station for ladders. It provides gutter protection and fits inside any 5 or 6 gutter. It secures any ladder safely in place and disperses the ladders weight against the fascia, not the gutter.

Fits inside all 5 and 6 gutters to support a ladder safely in place while preventing gutter damage . Supports weight of ladder against Fascia, not the Gutter. Installs easily into any 5 or 6 style gutter using a broom handle or pole to position Ladder Mount in the gutter prior to use.


express - September 7th, 2012

To stay ahead of the competition but remain a true craftsman at the very same time, you need a soldering iron with next generation heating technology. That is why Express is the product line of choice for sheet metal professionals around the globe.


smartvent - September 6th, 2012

SmartVent is a tapered, under shingle plastic product designed for installation along the soffit edge of the roof or the facing edge of dormer rakes and goes virtually unnoticed. It allows air to flow freely through the 1" roof decking slit providing more than adequate soffit ventilation to maximize ridge vent effectiveness. This is extremely important since most ridge vent products require an equal amount of ventilation at the soffit in order to work properly. SmartVent, when used at both soffits, has a total NFA rating of 18 sq. in. (or 9 sq. in. on each side of a standard gable roof).


Renova Drain - February 29th, 2012

Our new insert drain is installed by pushing into the bore of pipe, usually
without removing the existing roof drain. This is a well designed and very economical alternative to other insert drain options.


slate - January 13th, 2012

Roofing Slates, 3 sizes in stock!


duofast nailer - January 13th, 2012

New Duo Fast roofing nailer! Work smarter. Go cordless.
-No hoses and compressors to set up/tear down
-Less work space clutter
-Faster than nailing
-Save time and money
-One man roof repair


electrical mast flashing - December 21st, 2011

Check out our solution for a common problem area on residential roofs: the electrical mast. These nifty boots are now in stock.


shingle shear - August 30th, 2011

Shingle Shear

The Shingle Shear is designed to allow you to make 100s of different cuts in a day without any set up or adjustment.

With our quick reference cutting you can cut any length or any angle without any set up or adjustment, enabling you to make 100s of different cuts a day in the easiest and fastest manner. This saves you time, making you more profitable.

Inlaid tape measure, full length out to 40 inch with no omissions.
Inlaid angle guide that corresponds with roof pitch so there is no time wasted trying to figure out the angle.
Lightweight aluminum construction weighs only 16 pounds.
Big rubber feet and roof hook for use on any pitched roof.
Cuts most fiberglass and asphalt shingles 25 year to lifetime warranty or double & triple laminates
Rip fence for cutting shingles lengthwise
Guard allows for slide through cutting for cutting shingles lengthwise
Blade can be sharpened and replacements are available.
Cuts non-ferrous materials


EagleView Technologies - August 30th, 2011


Eliminate unnecessary steps and roof measurement errors. Be more productive with your time and energy. Any roofing job requiring accurate measurements of roof-line lengths, area and pitch, is assured to be estimated faster, more accurately, and with less delay and liability, when you order an EagleView aerial measurement report. Consistently drive business cost-savings to the bottom line by ordering EagleView measurement reports for every project you undertake.


classic rib - August 29th, 2011

Discover the versatility and durability of Metal Sales Light Gauge Panels. Built for beauty, durability and value, the Classic-Rib profile is an exposed fastened, low profile panel offering 36 inch coverage and two trapezoidal ribs on 9 inch center. It is available in several gauges and a wide range of attractive colors and paint finishes. Classic-Rib carries up to a 45 year warranty that guarantees your structures beauty will not fade with time and wear.


Extreme Roof Bracket - July 14th, 2011

The New Extreme Adjustable Roof Bracket

* Adjusts from 18 to 90 degrees by turning

* Can be adjusted while in use

* Use with a 2x10 or 2x12 board

* Adjust one degree at a time, one side at a time

* Powder coated in anti-corrosion paint

* Adjustable mechanism is zinc plated to prevent corrosion and rusting



dish mount - April 29th, 2011

Many times roofers are faced with satellite dishes already in place that have to be removed during reroofing because they're in the way. RetroDeck allows the roofer to offer an upgrade option to the building owner and install a waterproof plate to remount the satellite. This is a better option rather than reinstall the old satellite through the new roof surface destroying the integrity of the roof (and possibly voiding any roof warranty).


E-curbs - March 14th, 2011

Chemlink's new E-CURBS are a great alternative to traditional chemcurbs. Lightweight, easy to work with, and less expensive.


palisade - March 14th, 2011

PALISADE™ synthetic roofing underlayment is truly a revolutionary advanced technology product specifically designed for the most wide ranging and toughest steep slope roofing application challenges.

Possessing breakthrough, category leading STRONGHOLD™ skid resistant technology1, PALISADE™ is engineered to provide the roofer the most advanced synthetic underlayment steep slope surface traction product on the marketplace today. STRONGHOLD™ is designed for the most demanding steep slope conditions of wet & dusty surface environments.


modi scupper - March 14th, 2011

The Modi Scupper is a versatile drain-outlet which can be used for both inside and outside drains and for horizontal drains with free waterfall. Designed for parapets with 90 degree angle, the Modi Scupper has been manufactured specifically for use with modified bitumen (App or SBS) and BUR.

Modi Scupper Features:

* The Modi Scupper protects your waterproofing work-water flows over the scupper keeping the flashing membrane underneath permanently dry.

* Installs like common metal scuppers but won't rust, corrode, warp or decay.

* Ribbed flange; membrane seals securely to the Modi Scupper.

* One piece (no-weld) construction eliminates the possibility of leakage.

* Lightweight and economical.


Tamko Warranty - March 14th, 2011

All TAMKO Heritage Series laminated shingles purchased on or after February 1, 2011 and properly installed on single family homes, multi-family dwellings, businesses and churches will automatically receive enhanced coverage with longer Full Start Protection contained in the new and enhanced Limited Warranty that can be seen at, even if your laminated shingle wrapper contains a different Limited Warranty.

The enhanced Full Start Protection Period for Heritage® (formerly Heritage® 30) and Heritage® XL is 15 years. The enhanced Full Start Protection Period for Heritage® Premium (formerly Heritage® 50) Heritage® Vintage® shingles is 20 years. This upgrade certificate is our commitment to you of the applicability of our upgraded Limited Warranty. For complete information regarding this Limited Warranty Upgrade or a copy of TAMKO’s Limited Warranty, contact your TAMKO representative, visit us online at or call us at 800-641-4691.